Beneath The Tree

Blog Description : Beneath the Tree (BTT) is a collection of programming tutorials, logic flows and analysis, source codes and an in-depth analysis of algorithms in a detailed yet easy

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Pinoy Chocophile

Blog Description : A Filipino blog about his search for the divine chocolate. It will deal with the history, culture and tradition of chocolate in the Philippines. It features stories

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The Rural Dweller’s Journal

Blog Description : This is a journal of an OFW’s challenges, issues, perspectives, travel, lifestyle, and more. It also reviews things that matter consequences for the Philippine society.

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Always 10 List

Blog Description: Founded in May 2009, Always10list or simply “Always10” aims to compile millions of top 10 (ten) lists from different website references, contributors, readers and other media resources with

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Notepad Corner

Blog Description : Notepad Corner is a mommy blog that talks about life, family, parenting, personal experiences about motherhood, housekeeping tips, homemaking, home and home improvement, work, business and anything

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Blog and Me

Blog Description: A Filipina who is happily married to the best husband in the whole world. I am a Dentist turned OFW and now a stay at home mom who

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Joy’s Flair

Blog Description : Joy’s Flair is a personal blog that discusses my flair, personal opinions, style and aptitude about lifestyle, fashion trends, beauty, book and movie reviews, home improvement and

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Sporty Guy

Blog Description : Sporty Guy is a sports blog that covers the NCAA, UAAP, PBA, NBA, UFC, WWE, UFL, Barclays Premier League, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga, boxing, and motorsports. Do expect

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The Purple Doll

Blog Description: The Purple Doll is a personal-turned-food blog by a self-proclaimed foodie, writer and photographer-wannabe. Join the doll as she embarks on a food adventure, exploring Metro Manila’s restaurants,

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Blog Description: Blogging-Techies is differ in my other blog namely Site for Open Source which contain post based on what I called RECAPTION(RE Copy And Paste of reacTION), meaning all

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Online Jobs and More

Blog Description : Online Jobs and More is a blog that promotes and highlights legit online jobs or home-based jobs. It targets work-at-home moms, students who want extra earning, unemployed

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Designrshub | Design Magazine

Blog Description : Designrshub is a design blog dedicated to provide high quality web and graphic design resources, inspirations, freebies and social media articles. It offers design compilations, useful resources

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Blog Description: Thoughts, wisdom and ideas of Gil Camporazo relevant to the issues of the time, news and commentaries, ethics and values, education, family, religion, beliefs and traditions, worth-emulating tendencies

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Ask Hideki

Blog Description : blog is just another pseudo-tech blog in the Philippines. AskHideki shares news, reviews, tips, tricks and other useful stuffs for mobile, pc and everything under technology’s

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From wala to okay

Blog Description: A blog that scopes everything that matters in my daily life, from blogging to entertainment, to news and current events. I also blog about my rants, advocacy and

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