Beginners’ Tips On How To Create A Professional Website

Planning to create a general website is not sufficient to capture the attention of online visitors either. You need to keep the following points under consideration, while creating an effective website for your business: Choice of web host and domain name – Before you even start thinking about the right web design  for your website, make sure that you are using a reliable … [Read more...]

What Self Hosted Website Can Offer

Millions of people surf the internet every day to visit different websites depending on the information that they try to gather.  Most of them visit social networking sites, and look for pages that suit their needs like ideas, products, photos, etc. If you have your own products to sell or services to advertise, having and managing your own website is a great opportunity to … [Read more...]

InfoGraphics on Blogs: Confusing or Supporting?

If you have no idea what is Infogrpahics, Click here... Information graphic is a visual representation of information, knowledge and data that was created to aid statisticians and mathematicians to simply process information using a single symbol so that they can develop and communicate these symbols easily. Lately, the issue on infographics has been the talk of the town in … [Read more...]

The Role of Social Media in the Society

We can already define social media according to the terms. When we say media, the ideas that come to our mind are instruments used for communication like a radio or a newspaper. Social media, by the way of being social, is composed of society or persons interacting with each other. Social media is a social instrument of communication, as it is described in the best way. In … [Read more...]

Fancy Expeditions

Blog Description : Fancy Expeditions is the author’s own demonstration and showcase of suggested best holiday places, travel information and ideas, amazing tourist spot destinations, most excellent sights,scenes and accommodation guides. A traveler who dreams to embark on different beautiful and historical places around the globe. Blog URL : … [Read more...]