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Blog Description: A Filipina who is happily married to the best husband in the whole world. I am a Dentist turned OFW and now a stay at home mom who loves to cook for my family. I spent more than 12 years of my life working in KSA and Qatar and now living for good in America with my family.

I own 4 blogs to keep me occupied. Blog and Me- A blog about family life,parenting, relationship and anything that I can think of. Baked potato- A collection of home cooked Filipino and International food,desserts and recipes with easy to follow intructions and photos. Smart Mommy Online- A blog about shopping beauty and fashion,finds and deals,events reviews and just about anything. Filipino Bloggers Worldwide- A blog about tutorials, tips and anything about blogging that will benefit and help the readersreaders.

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  1. says

    The design is one of the default blogspot templates – the problem with these designs are there are lots of people using it and it looks dull.

    The header looks dull and the upper fold doesn’t tell anything at all.

    The ads below every post on homepage makes it dirty. The sidebar is a little messy specially the upper part.

    LinkWithin – why not try creating more than 3 related posts? there seems to be an odd space at the right side because of these.

    Footer part doesn’t have enough information — It looks so empty.

    Yun lang po muna ^_^

  2. says

    Namention na ng iba sa taas ang about sa sidebar, medyo magulo nga sya Ma’am Tess kaya kailang mo syang -arrange ulit. ^_^

    Here are my suggestions aside from the things mentioned above:

    1. Remove the Blogger Navbar, sayang ang space sa taas ng blog mo na occupied ng Navbar. Madami pong tutorials on how to ad codes to remove the Blogger Navbar.

    2. The ‘Total Pageviews’ and all other widgets on the footer aside from ‘myfreecopyright’
    are not so important kaya mas mabuti po na tanggalin nalng po ninyo. Pampabigat lang po yan sa page – they only increase loading time.

    Top Blogs has no accurate rating actually; Total Pageviews is not good to be seen by the readers especially when when it is less than a million; Alexa Rank is actually good for advertisers, most readers have no idea about it unless the reader is also a blogger, put your blog’s Alexa Rank on the ‘Advertise with Us’ page instead.

    Tapos yong icon ng ‘myfreecopyright’ doon nalng po ninyo sa sidebar ilagay.

    3. As I always mention on my comments, ‘About’ page is very important in a blog, and a blogger profile (in my opinion) is not good to be used as ‘About Me’ page.

    I suggest that you create a static ‘About Me’ page on your blog and tell your readers about (1.) who you are, (2.) what your blog is all about, (3) your purpose why you are blogging, and(4.) how you and your blog help address the needs of you readers.

    By making a better About page, you build a rapport with your readers.

    4. Lastly, I have explored your posts Ma’am Tess and I have noticed that you do not use Heading, Subheading and Minor Heading plus you have very loooooong paragraphs.

    To increase your posts’ readership, use the power of Heading, Subheading and Minor Heading and break your long paragraphs into shorter ones. Try 3-4 sentences in one paragraph and sometime even use 1 sentence in 1 paragraph.

    As what the experts suggest, we have to set aside some of those things we have learned in our English class when we are making articles to be posted in the internet.

    Sayang po yong content natin kung mahihirapan sa pagbasa and mga visitors ng ating blog. If this happens, more likely is that they will leave the article without reading it.

    Ito lang muna sa ngayon. ^_^

  3. says

    Hi Tess, please delete my previous comment. =)

    Here’s my take on your Blog and Me:

    Your header is neat but unattractive. It doesn’t catch anyone’s attention because it’s too dull and plain looking. You might want to create your own blog header with graphics or photos with creative fonts.

    You have too many ads chitika, nuffnaang, and infolinks are what make your blog messy and uninteresting.

    The bottom bar is a waste of space. You don’t need to display all your stat counters because they are not accurate. You can keep one or two and put them all together at the bottom part of the right sidebar.

    Your nuffnand text link ads are too much when they contain the same thing. Delete the one that’s found at the bottom of each post. They send a crappy message of your blog posts.

    Try to adjust the layout such that your blog post area is not too spacey and empty-looking.

    Just be creative with your layout and theme, but not too trying hard to sell your ads. That’s just my 2 cents. =)

  4. says

    Oops, mali ang inokray ko. Haha! My first comment is for pinoylinkexchage and not mommy tess’ blog. Can you give me a second chance?

    For Blog and Me, I think that the placement of Chitika Ads in the sidebar is really good. But the Chitika ads after every post is not very beautiful in the general appearance of the blog. Maybe you can choose other layout for these in-between post ads?

    The Popular Posts and Recent Comments look really organized, you may want to move this higher on your sidebar. =)

  5. says

    Dear Mommy Tess,

    I like this blog’s simplicity. It’s easy to read, and my eyes don’t get stressed with the very clean layout.

    If I can suggest anything, it would be really great if you can balance or add some things on your sidebar, or minimize the number of posts in a page.

    When I’m in your homepage, I’ve noticed that the middle part goes further down, beyond your sidebar’s length. Ok lang siya tignan kung comments nalng ang beyond sa sidebar. Para kasing nale-left out and ibang posts kung lumampas na sila sa length ng sidebar. =)

  6. says

    I think the center layout is too small to express all your thoughts on a certain topic. It’s too obvious that you are more into making money with your sidebar advertisements. Despite my liking for the header and general ‘professional/corporate’ feel of your personal space, it’s too busy. You might want to remove the left sidebar and transfer everything in there to the right to maximize the space for your blog entries. After all, we are here for the main attraction — your blog posts.

  7. says

    Hi Mom Tess! Hmm okray ko?

    1.Branding. I suggest you put a LOG or a banner.
    2.CHITIKA on sidebar, I guess you can blend the colors with your background.
    3.Sidebar: G+ down to Buy a Sponsored View, try to center them
    4.Linkwithin: Do you really prefer 3? How about considering 5?
    5.About ME: I guess you should put in on top of the sidebar
    6.Footer: I think you should remove them there, I suggest you retain TOPBLOGS and MYFREECOPYRIGHT and put it in the sidebar (Personal choice ko ung dalawa)

    Un lang po muna… ^_^

  8. says

    Medyo cluttered yung sidebar, mas maganda tingnan kung properly placed yung sidebar contents.

    ~ Chitika ads are showing up under each post, IMO, mas maganda if ads will be seen when a post is opened, if im not mistaken, meron codes for blogspot na pdeng ilagay yung ads under the post na hindi nkikita sa homepage.

    yun lang

  9. chriair says

    wala ako masabi kasi ganito din ako magset up ng blog hahahaha, pero dapat maglagay ka na ng fan page. Tanggalin ang nav bar. then costumized infolinks into blue links sinle line. recent post pa pala, then kahit yung archive na colapsed. Search dapat siguro nasa taas. yun lang Peace

  10. says

    Ako na mauna, Mommy Tess 🙂

    Unang-una, ung Header. Siguro mas ok kung may logo ka or image sa header hindi ung default lang ng template ang gagamitin mo at text lang ung Blog Title.

    Pangalawa, ung G+ Button sa sidebar,Twitter Follow, etc, parang magulo tingnan. May mga widget sa blogspot na pwede mong gamitin, para organize sya at hindi magulo tingnan. Social Box Plugin ang tawag kapag sa wordpress, di ko sure sa blogspot.

    Yan na lang muna, sila na bahala sa iba 🙂

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