Tips and Tricks: Sites to Check Out If Efficiency Matters to You

Anywhere in the world, people strive to be efficient. It's not just some sort of an "award" or "title" that adorns a person's character, but first and foremost, efficiency is a trait, if not a metric, that allows a person to simplify tasks, get the job done in time and ultimately give him the flexibility he hopes to achieve. To further illustrate what I mean, check out the … [Read more...]

Everything Inside the Web

Nowadays, everything is found in the internet. Whatever information you need, they are available in the web pages. Professionals, students, businessmen, and ordinary citizens all over the world utilize them. Aside for research use, the internet is also a popular source for social media networking where opinions are shared and it has been an efficient tool for … [Read more...]

Kindle Fire Giveaway

Bitrix24 is giving away Kindle Fire tablet. The rules for the contest are very simple. 1. Register at 2. Send the following information to - your Bitrix24 ID - the feature you liked (used) the most - what you found difficult/disliked the most (could be the existing problem or something lacking). If you liked everything, don't feel … [Read more...]