How to Copy MP4 to DVD on Mac without iDVD

Very frequently we come across instances when we want to transfer our files from our iPods to our computers but can’t really play it because of different encodings, especially when there is no iDVD in the computer. In this case, one can always go back and rely upon is the Aimersoft DVD Creator which can convert not only the mp4 to DVD Mac, but can also be used in converting MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, among others. The Aimersoft DVD Creator can be used by Mac users for whom it is especially designed. It also gets the job done for free as it can be downloaded from the internet for free.

MP4 videos can be imported into the program by either using the ‘load video’ button or simply by dragging them into the interface. Once imported, these videos can be move around and arrange according to one’s liking and preference, which also, by the way, is for free. The videos which had been imported can also be previewed on the right hand side of the screen.


There is an editor available in the program which can be used to edit the video according to one’s choice. They can be cropped or trimmed, can be decorated with watermarks and pictures with special adjustments in the video quality. Various options are available which can be used to customize the videos in accordance with one’s wishes and likes.

The editor can also be used to revamp the menu background as that also contributes to the entire experience of the task of conversion. There can be changes made in the background relating to its colour, the very surprisingly important background image, which in a way is representative of the entire interface. There can also be added to it other than images, as per one’s choice, as also button and frames to make it even more interactive. Making it even more joyous is the option of background music which constantly plays music to calm one down in the event of tiredness at the hands of technology.

A blank DVD can be inserted into the system on which the resultant file can be pasted upon. When all other settings have been made after making the necessary choices in the various options provided, one can click the ‘Start’ button to begin the process of converting the file from the MP4 format to the DVD format, steps on how to convert mp4 to dvd. It is not at all time consuming and certainly does not test the user’s patience.

One does not need to remember to take out the DVD after the accomplishment of the task. This is so because once the process of converting the file from MP4 to the DVD format is complete and the resulting file has been pasted on the inserted blank DVD, the DVD with the changed format is ejected automatically from the system without any manual work. Following this, the DVD player can be played easily on the system and the music or video can be well-enjoyed.

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