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Blog Description: The Creativity Window touches variety of topics about graphic design, visual arts and creativity – with emphasis on visual merchandising, print design, product photography and creative display – which are commonly helpful for retailers and other individuals from different creative fields especially the beginners.

Every week, at least two free-to-use high resolution images which are useful for graphic designers of the retail industry are published and can be downloaded via The Creativity Window. These free-to-use images include variety background, graphics, seamless white background items and more. Most if these images are in-lined with what are commonly used graphics and photos in Retail industry.

Miscellaneous topics that are offbeat and dorky which you might have found at The Creativity Window are now published at Uffbits. At Uffbits, you can find short articles about anything and everything under the sun that are worth sharing. Uffbits is a freestyle blog under The Creativity Window.

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