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Blog Description: The blog of a Mom trying to be fit and fashionable in any way.A blog that tackles beauty inside and out and being fashionable even in a thrifty way. I started this blog in hopes of getting a tons of style inspiration from common blogger to the entertainment, and a style that doesn’t need to imitate.

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  • LONG TERM GOAL OF WEIGHTLOSS - February 27, 2017
    Many of us wanted to lose weight and not only losing it but also to lose weight fast. I for example wanted to lose weight in just a short amount of t [...]
  • Motivation for Weightloss - January 3, 2017
    If you are like me who is looking for someone for motivation or inspiration to getting fit and healthy, well the story below is a good one. The story [...]
  • Men's Fashion Trends for the Holidays - December 22, 2016
    With the holidays approaching, and people gathering with their friends and families to enjoy the season together, there's never been a better ti [...]

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