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Blog Description : Discusses the beauty and danger for the modern Filipino culture. Gives alternatives and promotes changes for what the author perceives as the ugly parts of being Filipino.

This is also the blog that you want your kids to read.

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  • Selective Sympathy, Is There Such A Thing? - August 22, 2017
    Sympathy is a natural emotion and reaction of feeling empathy towards the misfortune of others. It cannot be called selective because if it is, it wil [...]
  • His Will But Will You? - May 3, 2017
    God provides us chances, opportunities, direction, guidance and even the desire to do what is good and what is right. Yet, He also gave us free will. [...]
  • Our Hearts' Desires - March 19, 2017
    We rarely notice that we have this tendency of demeaning the naturally good or amoral things. Some of the most common examples are decency, money and [...]

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