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Blog Description : blog is just another pseudo-tech blog in the Philippines. AskHideki shares news, reviews, tips, tricks and other useful stuffs for mobile, pc and everything under technology’s rainbow for free.

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  • Beware of the Gamepad and Gameloft Scam - January 10, 2017
    Every time I check my messages on the SIM card that is on my router, I always get these Gamepad and Gameloft load deductions from subscriptions I [...]
  • Elephone S1 Hands-on and Review - April 21, 2016
    We got the chance to do a quick hands-on review of the Elephone S1 straight from their official launch announcement a week back. The Elephone S1 is no [...]
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 Review - April 15, 2016
    My tita asked me if there is a phone that I could get for her that fits her budget of just 5,000. She wants something with more than 4-inch displ [...]

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