Blog Description : iamTalinggaw is a personal blog of Talinggaw; a blog about life, food adventures, recipes and other personal stuff that Talinggaw would like to keep a journal of, and share with everyone, hopefully to serve as inspiration and source of information.

But who is Talinggaw? Well, she is a newbie blogger who sees blogging as a way of expressing herself. She is a person who loves reading, be it from books/magazines or anything from the World Wide Web. She also loves to eat, thus, enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes herself. Recently, she fancies about traveling and photography (go check her travel blog at www.thepinaywanderer.com) too. 😉

That’s all about Talinggaw, hope to see you guys on her blogs. Thanks! 🙂

Blog URL : http://talinggaw.blogspot.com/

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