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Blog Description : Say It, Nessie is my space in the dynamic environment which can call cyber world. Personal experiences on friendships, good food, travel, my life’s highs and lows – exactly as I live and enjoy life. I’m a jolly person. I’m really fun to be with. I’m really your jeans and t-shirt kind of girl with wash and wear hair. I’d leave the house with wet hair. We can talk about everything.

In my posts, I aim to make sure that my readers will be able to put themselves in my shoes as if they’re the ones who experienced it and the ones writing it. Making it more personal.

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  • Finest Lechon in King Belly, Marikina - June 25, 2017
    At King Belly, the new restaurant on the banks of Marikina Riverpark, our hungry bellies dragged us back to our caveman days, invoking our primordial [...]
  • Vita Cubes 2 Good Fun Day - October 27, 2016
    Vita Cubes are gummy cubed-shaped jelly vitamins for growing kids that comes with 5 different fruit flavors - strawberry, apple, grape, orange and man [...]
  • Gardenia Brings You a Healthy Bento Recipe - September 14, 2016
    Packing a well-balanced snack – whether it’s for you or for your little one – is essential for setting healthy eating habits. And wh [...]

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