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Blog Description : Joyโ€™s Flair is a personal blog that discusses my flair, personal opinions, style and aptitude about lifestyle, fashion trends, beauty, book and movie reviews, home improvement and gadget craze.

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  1. says

    Hello Guys,

    Here’s my review for Joy’s Flair Blog.

    Design: (5/10) Simplicity is good but too much of it, makes it dull in the long run. In web designing, there should be that balance between simplicity and elegant. Try changing it to become not too simple, but still elegant and enticing. Try using “auto read more” since user might tend to leave the page when they get bored scrolling down the page.

    Content: (9/10) Every post is enticing and unique. No further comment on this part.

    Branding: (6/10) The website (IMO) is not ready for branding yet. No definite logo, though I must say that the name is good enough to get notice.

    That’s all.

  2. says

    The total number of HTML files on this page is 11 – consider reducing this to a more reasonable number.

    The total number of objects on this page is 111 which by their number will dominate web page delay. Consider reducing this to a more reasonable number. Above 20 objects per page the overhead from dealing with the actual objects (description time and wait time) accounts for more than 80% of whole page latency.

    The total number of images on this page is 78 , consider reducing this to a more reasonable number. Recommend combining, replacing, and optimizing your graphics. Replace graphic rollover menus with CSS rollover menus to speed display and minimize HTTP requests. Consider using CSS sprites to help consolidate decorative images. Use CSS techniques such as colored backgrounds, borders, or spacing instead of graphic techniques to reduce HTTP requests. Replace graphic text headers with CSS text headers to further reduce HTTP requests. Finally, consider optimizing parallel downloads by using different hostnames to reduce object overhead.

    The total size of this page is 2831052 bytes, which will load in 457.95 seconds on a 56Kbps modem. Consider reducing total page size to less than 100K to achieve sub 20 second response times on 56K connections. Pages over 100K exceed most attention thresholds at 56Kbps, even with feedback.

    I’ll be back ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. says

    just a comment on the design sa header, parang madaming designs sa baba. Tapos parang hindi balanced kasi may babae sa gilid (right side).

  4. chriair says

    di ko yata kayang okrayin si mama joy hahaha
    pero isa lang ha yung header yata sumobra sa kanan.

  5. says

    Here are the things that I noticed sa blog:

    Something’s wrong with the banner image, try zoom in and out, nasisira ang width. The problem with that is kapag malaki ang monitor, nagiging static ang width mo and possible na masira ang layout mo. ( Pa-review ka sa blog ko para maibigay ko ang fix :p )

    Masyado rin malaki, half ng ‘above the fold’ ang nao-occupy ng banner mo.

    Posts Index:
    Masyadong mahabaaaaa ang post, maaring maging cause iyon para umalis ang readers. Try looking for a plugin na makakatulong sayo about this, marami naman nyan sa WP eh.

    Color and Design:
    At first glance, parang fashion/lifestyle ang niche ng blog, but the design itself has nothing to do with it. Pag lifestyle and fashion kasi usually eh malinawanag — either super white to show elegance and luxury, colorful pero di naman mala-rainbow or black to showcase the colors of your posts.

    IMO lang, Ewan ko pero ayaw ko ng mga site na walang right-click. I find it disturbing. Maraming ways to protect yourself from copy-paste, pero isa sa pinaka-nakakainis eh yung right-click disabling.

    Ang haba ng ‘archives’ at ‘categories’. Hindi natanggal ang ‘meta’ which is a default WP widget sa sidebar. Other than that, nakukulangan ako sa laman ng sidebar.

    Di na ko magcocomment sa post kasi can’t relate ako eh, kaya mahirap magcomment :p

    yun lang muna ^_^

    • admin says

      Ung tungkol sa header, fluid width kasi yata ung sa kanya. Mas ok daw kasi to para maging responsive ung page mo, kaso dapat alam mo rin gamitin gaya ng pagset ng maximum width para hindi masira ung layout kung sa widescreen na magdisplay ang site…

      Tanong, ano ba mas maganda kasi, Fluid o fixed width?

      • says

        I’m not sure with the term fluid, di ko kasi masyado ginagamit yun. Ang alam ko is fixed and dynamic (so I guess dynamic tawag dun sa fluid but I’m not exactly sure). :p

        Anyway, dynamic width is good depende sa wrapper around that certain element – make sure that the positioning of the wrapper is relative. Mejo complicated kung ieexplain ko detalyado dito, pero to solve it, a couple of changes lang sa attributes sa CSS should fix the problem ^_^

        • says

          parehas lang ata ang fluid at dynamic, spelling lang iba ๐Ÿ™‚

          sana nga magsubmit si mommy joy sayo para malaman na ang solusyon ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. says

    hindi po ako magaling na blogger or blog designer,isa lang nanay na nagbablog.Gusto lang din mang okray kaya nakiki okray na rin.

    Sis Joy, Sino si Northface at Firmoo? bigla kasing nag appear sa side bar ng hindi nagpapakilala.Friends ba sila or Advertisers or wala lang kasi feel mo sila idisplay sa site mo?
    Medyo malaki ang header.mas maganda siguro kung medyo liitan.
    Yung featured post,meron ka na namang recent post so hindi na siguro kailangna ito,mas maganda siguro kung popular post na lang.
    Categories- medyo hindi ko ito feel sa blog mo pero sige lang sis okay na rin,sige na nga.
    Read more pwede mo rin lagyan .try mo lang din

  7. says

    Here I come.

    โ€ข Keyword Count: 47 keywords, Length: 606 characters โ€“ masyadong mahaba.
    โ€ข Instead of Archive, perhaps it is better if you put the Most Popular post Ma’am Joy.
    โ€ข Another thing is the entries on you Home page; it is better if you use a “break” to show only the summary of each post instead of the whole entry.
    โ€ข The smaller you make the header, the better, and it also better if you blend the background color of your header with background pf your blog.
    โ€ข I just don’t know what are those Northface and Firmoo Optical on the sidebar, maybe you need some info for them.
    โ€ข The width of you ‘content wrapper’ is too long (just like the width of this blog, Pinoy Link Exchange ^_^). It makes your blog post looks empty if it contains images and our eyes are lazy to move horizontally while we are reading, they rather stick to one place and let the mouse scroll the text up and down or move vertically. Try to use 500px to 550px width.

    Ito lang muna. ^_^

  8. admin says

    Dati gustong-gusto ko ang black background, pero ngayon mas nagagandahan na ako sa white background, simple lang ang dating at malinis…

    Hinahanap ko ung menu sa taas ng header image o sa baba, wala. siguro dapat lagyan para may way ang readers para makapagnavigate sa buong site. Pero astig ng header, image pa lang alam mo na kung ano ang content ng site ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wow! Iba-iba pala ang image sa header?! Sinadya ba yun o nagkamali lang? ๐Ÿ˜€

    May mga text link sa sidebar na parang naligaw gaya ng “northface” at “firmoo optical”, ung isa normal text at ung isang link naka-bold, mas maganda siguro to kung may Label o Widget title para alam ng readers kung ano nga ba ung mga text links na yun.

    Ung search box after ng header image para ring naligaw, at ung feedburner box sa sidebar, mas ok siguro kung nakaalign sa center.

    Yan na lang muna, hintay natin ibang mang-ookray ๐Ÿ˜€

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