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Blog Description : A personal blog talks about overseas Filipino workers life experiences, encounter and relevant information.

This blog mostly posts important information and details that might help overseas Filipino workers, job listings and hotels accommodation that is cheaper in rates and home rentals vacationing overseas Pinoy,overseas Filipino workers and Balikbayan.

Blog URL : http://www.ofwbisdak.com

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  • Declaring DAP as Unconstitutional - July 22, 2014
    When the Supreme Court declared the Disbursement Acceleration Program as unconstitutional in a unanimous decision, the Aquino administration refused [...]
  • The Illegal Owner: Disputing Land Property - July 15, 2014
    I think, many have no idea or perhaps don’t known that one of the reasons why the Philippine economy is so bustling right now is because of the [...]
  • The Sad Part of Being an OFW - April 14, 2014
    The Philippine economy’s robust growth in 2013 makes it the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia. The GDP of 7.2% has garnered a confidenc [...]

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