Paypal to Payza Exchange Funds Request

Please READ the instructions/guidelines first before you fill-up the form.

Whatever amount i received in my Paypal Account, Less 10%(Service Fee), then that’s the amount you will receive in your Payza Account

All transaction that is less than $10.00, the service fee is fixed to $1.00

Use PERSONAL-OTHERS when sending money to my paypal account, CONFIRM the payment after sending. Transactions that is not yet confirmed will not be process.

Any additional fees during transfer will be shouldered by you. If you let me pay the transfer fees, i will deduct it to your payza funds.


  1. A. Khan says


    If you do not want to lose your money and drop to a complete helpless situation, you should not consider these guys as your money manager!

    Once your money is in account, you have lost it! Read more….

    These guys are a group of systematic fraud activities. I was pissed of when it was and now I gave a try with this They allowed depositing to account by bank transfer without any problem and Payza system worked like a charm. I received payments from our customers to Payza account.

    The problem started and Payza got disappointed when I tried to take my money, they declined 🙂

    I tried contacting online chat which was not answering to my questions but kept asking, “is there anything else I can help you?”. I kept asking question about the same issue without any result. Then the support person closed the chat window on my face 🙂

    I opened a support ticket. It really did take 5 days to contact me back as payza promises :).

    As I have mentioned before, that I do not upload funds to my Payza account but my customers pays to my payza account by bank transfer. Payza was asking me “Why do I upload money to payza account and withdraw back to the same bank account quickly”? It took a month I collected payments from customers to payza account before I did request for an withdraw from payza account, but Payza got disappointed. The emails sent to me were from “Payza fraud prevention analyst” :), who was lying that they have checked that I am uploading money to/from the same bank account, even I explained to them the uploads are from my customers and each of them are from different account.

    After above arguments, this “Payza fraud prevention analyst” kept me asking to send all the Bank account statements of my customers to them, even I tried to tell them that you cannot ask so and I cannot send my customer’s Bank Account statements!!

    I collect image copies of bank transfer payments from my customers and we hold right to use those copies with our payment processing partners. I offered the copies to “Payza fraud prevention analyst”, but he did not want them :), instead he wanted bank statement of my account. Once I sent it to him he just hide away and stopped answering to support emails.

    After several support requests this guy answered to me that he does not accept this bank statement, needs more recent one. When he said more recent one, it meant I need to send a statement of current month. The problem was, banks here create a bank statement after the month end, but Payza guy wants it in the middle of the current month.

    In above situation I just took a screen print of my bank statement of most recent transactions’ first page. After I did send this, this “fraud prevention guy” completely disappeared. I have sent many requests for an update but COMPLETELY NO RESPONSE!!

    I could communicate with them in Facebook message but once they came to know that I asked my money back, they blocked me in Facebook too! I have opened a new FB account to get in touch with Payza in FB.

  2. F Hernani Pablo says

    Hi I want to exchange my paypal to payza.
    I need $100 in my Payza ASAP b4 7:00 Am, What is the total amount to send via paypal?

  3. Pradeep says

    i want to exchange paypal to payza $15 plz tell me the procedure and the time will be taken to
    exchange the same alongwith your fees applicable

  4. TONNY says

    I have both Payza & PayPal accounts. I can do exchange from Paypal to Payza and Payza to PayPal.

    It a service i am introducing on my website soon

  5. mahmoudelnemr says

    Plz , I have 35$ at my paypal account , I want to transfer it to my payza account
    thank u

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