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Blog Description: The Purple Doll is a personal-turned-food blog by a self-proclaimed foodie, writer and photographer-wannabe. Join the doll as she embarks on a food adventure, exploring Metro Manila’s restaurants, buffets, cafés and even food stalls, and enjoy her informative and entertaining reviews… With a dash of random ramblings here and there.

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  1. thepurpledoll says

    Hi pinoychocophile! I love chocolates too, but I haven’t used the chocolate as a tag yet. Don’t worry though, I’ll update my posts soon and make a label for chocs! 😉

  2. pinoychocophile says

    a blog to read should you want to check out nice places to dine – looking around the labels did not find chocolate specific tag, hmmm… I wonder…(not her fave, maybe).

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