InfoGraphics on Blogs: Confusing or Supporting?

If you have no idea what is Infogrpahics, Click here... Information graphic is a visual representation of information, knowledge and data that was created to aid statisticians and mathematicians to simply process information using a single symbol so that they can develop and communicate these symbols easily. Lately, the issue on infographics has been the talk of the town in … [Read more...]


Blog Description: Blogging-Techies is differ in my other blog namely Site for Open Source which contain post based on what I called RECAPTION(RE Copy And Paste of reacTION), meaning all topics in this post is not based on RECAPTION(RE Copy And Paste of reacTION) so make some respect comment on what you read. Blogging-Techies cover topics which is related to technolgy, … [Read more...]