Blue Lovin’

Blog Description : Blue Lovin' is a personal blog of a certified blue lover. It mostly contains pictures that describe her daily experiences in life. This blog is also her way to share some tips and inspire other people. Blog URL : Latest blogpost from Blue Lovin' Screenshot of Blue Lovin' (click the image to visit the … [Read more...]

Nite Writer

Blog Description : Nite Writer is my personal blog that contains different post mostly about news and commentaries on current events, sports, entertainment, business and technology. It also contains literary post like poems, and short stories. There are also posts on photography and travel. Features on national pride and anything about Pinoy's best is also available on the … [Read more...]

The Pinay Wanderer

Blog Description : The Pinay Wanderer is a travel, food and photography blog of a Filipina wanderer, a Pinay who just recently discovers the fun and excitement of traveling and adventures. It is an online journal of The Pinay Wanderer's (TPW) escapades, her adventures and misadventures around the Philippines and beyond. For TPW, traveling is about enjoying and living the fun … [Read more...]

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc.

Blog Description : AXL Powerhouse Production Inc. also know as AXLPPI is a personal/photo blog that wants to share the journey experiences of the author and to provide information about how rich the Philippines Culture, History, Events, Places, etc. Started in 2008 with a simple personal blog on my Multiply as a journal online and provide free online software things. Until … [Read more...]